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Celebrity Divorce: Wonder Years Star Olivia D’Abo

D'AboAccording to TMZ, Wonder Years celebrity, Oliva, d’ Abo and music producer Patrick Lenoard are ending their marriage. After 10 years of marriage, the marriage has apparently been on the rocks for more than a year.

For those not familiar with Olivia’s character (the “hippie sister) from the Wonder Years, here is one of the more memorable scenes from the show.


Prenuptial Agreement s – A few Reasons for Them

Some scenarios where a prenuptial agreement is ideal include:

One partner is far wealthier than the other

This ensures that one partner is not simply marrying the other over wealth

Avoiding incursion of debt

A prenuptial agreement can ensure that one partners incurs the other partner’s debt

One partner is a partial business owner

If a marriage ends, the ownership of a business may be “up for grabs,” much to the dismay of company stakeholders.

These are just a few scenarios of course. While a prenuptial agreement may seem unromantic, it’s important to note that the number one cause of marriage failure is finances. A prenuptial agreement can relieve some of the pressure on finances difficult times may impose.

Why Divorce Law?

Unfortunately, divorce law tends to get a bad reputation.  But the fact of the matter is that marriage is in many ways the fabric of our society and its implementation (and the unfortunate dissolution) requires an established law.  A good divorce attorney can actually help this painful transition.  Divorces need not be long, drawn out and combative.  Divorce attorneys provide for many alternatives including collaborative law, which essentially avoids some of the more negative aspects of divorce procedures.

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