Civil Unions vs Marriage: Pros and Cons

A civil union provides a couple the option of enjoying the same basic benefits of marriage.  However, there exists much confusion over what exactly a civil union is.
So, what are the pros and cons of civil unions?

Pros of a Civil Union over marriage
· The same right to federal benefits
· No religious affiliation (which may be a pro for non-religious couples)
· In some cases, civil unions are the only option (same-sex partners for example)
· Civil unions provide an alternative commitment for couples where one or both partners find the concept of marriage daunting

Cons of a Civil Union as opposed to marriage
· Socially, civil unions still don’t convey the same
· Certain unions may only be recognized in that state (same-sex unions for example)
· The Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA) prevents same-sex couples from receiving federal-level benefits
· No religious affiliation (which may be a pro for religious couples)

On average, the benefits of a civil union are generally less generous than those of an actual marriage (taxes, health insurance, social security survivor benefits for example).


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